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SDS Accelerates Storage Cost Reduction and Service-level Optimization

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In this White Paper, IDC, a major global market intelligence firm assesses DataCore in the Software-Defined Storage (SDS) space.

DataCore is one of the leading providers of hardware independent storage virtualization software. Its customers are actively leveraging the benefits of software-defined storage in IT environments ranging from large datacenters to more modest computer rooms, thereby getting better use from pre-existing storage equipment.

This White Paper further discusses the emerging storage architecture of software-defined storage and how DataCore enables its customers to take advantage of it today.

Download this IDC White Paper to learn about:

  • The four major forces that have led to a major transformation in changing the way we use IT to do our jobs and how datacenters need to adapt.
  • Why companies are switching to SDS and the benefits, including significant reductions in cost, that they can expect upon adoption.
  • An Overview of DataCore’s SDS solution and the key differentiators that make it well equipped to handle the next generation of storage challenges.

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